Jodie Walters



Jodie Walters is a mixed media artist currently living and working in Southampton. She has maintained a passion for visual expression since she learned how to hold a pencil and has recently gained a degree in Fine Art from the University of Gloucestershire. She has also exhibited work in a number of group shows on both sides of the equator.


Her work is inspired by an interest in psychological processes and poetry and a fascination with existence, resulting in a unique way of working as incomprehensible text is woven and merged with mark making and structural geometric shapes. Jodie uses materials such as ink and different types of paper to layer handwriting and lines of various forms to create work that explores the layers of consciousness that make up the world behind the face and expresses the idea that who we are on the inside is constructed from innumerable factors.


Her current work, which includes a figurative element, explores the notion of exposure on both a physical and psychological level while confronting the challenges involved in getting to know someone - how well you get to know a person depends on how much they are willing to divulge and how much you dare try uncover for yourself. This is reflected in the fact that most of the written layers that are woven into each artwork are unreadable which also suggests secrecy, a need to keep something hidden while, adversely, the actual existence of such artwork implies a willingness to share or at least provide a hint.

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